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What Documents Do I Need To Sell My Car?

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The history of the vehicle is crucial before selling a used car. From roadworthy certificates to notice of disposal, one has to keep everything handy. There are numerous ways to shoot yourself in the foot when you make a sale, and misplacing your documents is one of them.

For instance, if you’ve lost your car’s registration certificate, you won’t be able to show it to the prospective buyer and will fail to prove that you are the actual car owner.

A1 Car Buyers in Geelong will help you assemble all the documents required while selling your old or damaged vehicle in Geelong.

Documents Required To Sell My Car

List of Required Documents To Sell Your Car in Geelong:

• Latest Registration Certificate
• Transfer of Ownership Form (for offline transfer)
• Roadworthy Certificate
• Receipt for Payment
• Owner’s Manual and Supplements
• Receipts For Labour and Parts
• Scheduled Service Logbook
• Car sales FACTS+ and PPSR Report

Registration and Proof of Ownership

The registration certificate is basically a documentary proof that you own the car you’re selling. VicRoads recommends making photocopies of the car’s current registration certificate. It will have the same recognition as the original. They also suggest that the sellers provide proof that tells they are the actual owner of the vehicle. You may also need to showcase your driver’s licence or photo ID with your name matching the name written on the registration certificate. Also, if your family or friend is selling the vehicle on your behalf, they will need to have copies of your licence.

Transfer Of Ownership Form

In today’s era, car ownership can be transferred online. But, there are chances that you may require a hard-copy notice of disposal for some reason. These documents can be collected from the local office of the state registration authority. Or, you can download it from the website of the registration authority’s public domain. Being the auto owner, it’s incumbent on you to ensure that the registration authority is immediately aware that you are no longer the vehicle owner. You may require to obtain the new owner’s contact information- including residential address. This is done to fill in the notice of disposal or complete the transaction details online. So, remember to check the buyer’s driving licence and see if it’s valid.

If you have all the above details, you can notify the registration authority the same day that your car is transferred to the new owner.

If you don’t follow this procedure, you could face the loss of demerit points when someone else shoots past speed cameras up to 14 days after the vehicle is taken from you. Here, the worse thing is, you’ll still be expected to pay the fines.

Do you want to avoid all this chaos? Are you thinking about the ‘Required Documents To Sell Your Car’? A1 Car Buyers Geelong can save your day. Fill our enquiry form or call us, and let our team take care of your documentation process. CALL 0422 149 391.