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Victoria Is Testing A Safe Car Subsidy Program For Young Drivers.

Young drivers from rural areas are 15 times more likely to die in a car accident. The Victorian Government will give you $5000 if you trade in your old car for a newer version. With the expansion of the “Unsafe2safe” initiative, young drivers in Victoria who are thinking about upgrading from an old, unsafe car […]

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Can I Sell My Car Without A Roadworthy Certificate In Geelong Victoria?

You’ve loved and driven your car for years, if not decades, but now it’s time to Sell Car In Geelong. Maybe your car is in good shape…. or perhaps it isn’t. But, regardless of the situation, your vehicle lacks a Certificate of Roadworthiness. This documentation can only get received after a thorough inspection by a […]

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What Documents Do I Need To Sell My Vehicle in Geelong?

Selling your used car can be an arduous task. You hardly find any suitable buyers for a second-hand vehicle, and the hustle required to sell it consumes a lot of your time. You have to list it, answer calls from the buyers all day, and let strangers in your house inspect the car. Similarly, many […]

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Eco-friendly Car Disposal in Geelong

Looking for the best Car Disposal And Recycling team in Geelong? We can help you! A1 Car Buyers is the most trusted, reliable and reputed Car Wrecking, Disposal and Recycling business in Geelong. We promise residents the highest possible value for their vehicle with state-of-the-art establishment. We accept old, junk, scrap, burnt, accidental, salvaged, used, […]

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What Documents Do I Need To Sell My Car?

The history of the vehicle is crucial before selling a used car. From roadworthy certificates to notice of disposal, one has to keep everything handy. There are numerous ways to shoot yourself in the foot when you make a sale, and misplacing your documents is one of them. For instance, if you’ve lost your car’s […]

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Do I need to pay extra to remove my scrap car when I sell it to Cash For Car Buyers?

A1 Car Buyers, you get Free Car Removals in Geelong for your scrap vehicle.

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Who Can Pay Me Maximum Cash For My Old Car?

Make The Best Cash For Old Car Deal In Geelong

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How Can I Sell My Car in Geelong?

Get top cash for all your scrap, junk and unwanted vehicles.

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